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TORQ Fusion® is an innovative torque tool design and
manufacturing company. We serve many industries in need
of accurate, heavy bolting solutions. Our products are extremely
light weight, powerful and reliable.

TORQ Fusion® attributes its success to listening to customers and developing ergonomic solutions designed to enhance productivity.
Our strength is not only in our operating principles but also in the people behind the company.



Sept. 2015: Battery tools are here!

TORQ Fusion® is proud to announce the launch of the battery operated torque wrenches. The new line of tools is available in 200 ft-lb, 500 ft-lb, 800 ft-lb, 1300 ft-lb and 2600 ft-lb. You might have guessed that the GT2600EBS tool has dual personalities which means it can operate as an 800 ft-lb tool also. The muscle behind this tool is an advanced brushless motor fed by an 18V Li-Ion battery and kept in check by advanced TORQ Fusion® electronics. For our customers this means having the choice of running in conventional torque mode or turn-of-nut mode and the ability of tightening over 260 fasteners on a single charge at 80% tool capacity. The tool’s controls are easy to use and even include 5 LEDs to indicate progress and to confirm successful completion.

Battery Tools

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Aug. 2014: Speed & precision with 200 ft-lbs of torque

Some applications require more speed and precision and less muscle. For those situations TORQ Fusion® proudly introduces the smallest addition to the GT family of tools, the GT200PSS. We maintained all the features of our other tools, but optimized it for a torque range between 35 and 200 ft-lbs, giving it a top speed of 65 RPM. The base tool weighs only 5.4 lbs and is compatible with all of our existing accessories.


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June 2014: Multiple Personalities 2,600 & 800 ft-lbs

For jobs requiring not only high torque, but also a wide torque range, TORQ Fusion® introduces the GT2600PSS – a multiple personality tool acting as a 2,600 and 800 ft-lb tool at the same time. Because of our modular design, the front reaction assembly of the 2,600 tool can be removed and replaced with a standard reaction arm, transforming it into an 800 ft-lb tool. Just remove two screws and the transformation is complete. To ensure maximum versatility, this tool can be used with any of our extensions in either 2,600 or 800 modes. In 2,600 mode the tool has a 1-½” square drive while in 800 mode it can have either ¾” or 1” square drives.


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